Company Policies

Envirotek Home Care Inc. is committed to ensuring quality and stunning services to all its clients. It aims to help every individual to have a clean, refreshing and allergy-free home through cleaning all parts of your house.


  • For us to know what areas you need cleaned and/or what services you prefer, you must fill up the booking form completely and precisely.
  • Extra services that are not indicated in the booking form cannot be performed by our technicians.
  • We make appointments based upon FILLING OUT THE ONLINE BOOKING FORM. If you need to be put on the schedule quickly, email is the best way to contact us.
  • The technician will inform you by email or phone call the approximate time as times are not guaranteed as their is no way to know how long each job will take as the cleaner will inform you if running late but being late on time is not reason for cancellation as things happen and technician may be late on the time given but they will show up ,if they can not show up you will be notified and re-book as things happen sometimes that no one can control. Cleaning appointments must be attended by the home owner.
  • Prior to appointment, please make sure that all furniture, appliances and any valuables are already removed. If you have any irreplaceable, collectible, or expensive items, we ask that they be secured or put away in order to avoid unfortunate incidents.
  • For air duct, and tile & grout cleaning, please make sure that all areas for cleaning are accessible and clear the floor area before the technicians arrive at your home.
  • If you require help from the technicians to remove your things, an additional fee will be charged; please indicate this in your booking form.
  • Please vacuum all the areas that you want us to clean.
  • Technicians may accept tips, but it must be given independent of the invoice.
  • Regular cleaning needs have to be booked in advance to avoid any delay.
  • Our staff takes the utmost care in cleaning so it’s best once you understand what they are doing, to let them do their work. You may ask questions at any time during the cleaning process.
  • After the service is complete, the technician will take you on a walk-through to ensure that the service was completed to your satisfaction. In the event that you notice damage to items or to the house as a result of our cleaning service, you must notify the office while the technician is still in your home.
  • We understand that even a regular client may not have the same cleaning needs each and every time. If you would like to make a change to your cleaning routine, please let us know in advance.
  • In the event of a need to cancel your scheduled appointment, a notice should be provided to the company 48 hours prior to the appointment time so we can reschedule your appointment.If no notice given to cancel the prepayed cleaning is forfeited to the company as the the time was allowed for that day for the cleaning to take place if the appointment is canceled on day of cleaning. Re-booking of missed appointments will have a $50 charge applied to the bill. Which must be paid before the cleaner starts work .
  • If you have comments, suggestions or complaints regarding our services, please send us your feedback through email. We want you happy, so you will give us a good testimonial; if you are unsatisfied with our work, please tell us. A technician will be sent to your home free of charge to assess and remediate the area of concern.
  • We do not tolerate any bad behavior: Yelling, Screaming, Accusing, Mistreating, or any type of inappropriate language towards our technicians or office staff. We reserve the right to refuse any type of service including phone service if you engage in any of these behaviors.


  • We accept payment through , Credit card, PayPal, .
  • All Payments have to be made prior a technician performing his or her work, or right after the cleaning service is complete.


  • Technicians will wait up10 minutes if ever they arrive to an appointment with an absent home owner before moving on to their next appointment.
  • Technicians must conduct themselves with courtesy and professionalism; they must act with sincerity and respect clients authority at all times.
  • Our technicians reserve the right to leave the home if they feel that their personal safety is in danger from either another human being or animal.
  • Technicians are not allowed to transact any cleaning services without the company knowing the activity.
  • All personal transactions must be done outside office hours.