Hi Cameron, just wanted to say how thorough and meticulous Andres was on Monday in cleaning my 3 rooms/hall + basement stairs/landing. He worked constantly and diligently and managed to “get the grey out” from the edges of the off-white carpet areas. He’s a keeper as an employee.
My neighbours were impressed as well, so I’ve given them your info.

We are happy with the service provided and the work done, everything looks great. If I could offer a suggestion: I found your appointment booking system difficult and inconvenient. The first thing was an extra step because the groupon instructions stated I should call the company, when I called the company they were unable to book me and asked me to go online. There was some confusion online as I was originally sent a date that I did not ask for, this was resolved. But the confirmation of the time on our appointment day was very last minute in my opinion, and turned out to be a very inconvenient time for us, and I didn’t feel at that point that there was any easy/reasonable way to change it. I don’t need any action to be taken on my part, it ended up working out, I just wanted you to know of the issue. Thanks for your consideration.

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